My program helps parents of overweight children and teens learn how to support their child
emotionally and physically so that losing weight is family focused, mindful and achievable.

Are you a parent looking for a thoughtful solution to help your child or teen lose weight?


Are you concerned about saying the wrong thing, your child’s self-esteem, teasing at school, or the negative repercussions of food policing?


Maybe you are concerned about your child’s constant cravings, the quality of food they eat, portion sizes, or your child’s mood and energy levels. You don’t want to create an emotional problem that could follow them into adulthood.


As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I help parents of overweight children and teens by giving them proven tools and support they need to help their child lose weight in a family-focused, mindful, and achievable way.


Learn a proven nutrition process and receive a life-changing system that will help your child or teen lose weight in a family-focused way, without a scale, without counting calories and without shaming. Your whole family will benefit.

So, if you want to:

  • Learn to help your child lose weight in a mindful, family focused way
  • Allow your child to still enjoy their favorite foods
  • Set your child up with healthy habits for a healthy future
  • Have family nutrition become second nature
  • Create a positive culture around food and meals
  • Help your child feel good and improve their self esteem
  • Understand how to feed your child at home, school and when eating out
  • Create healthy lifestyle adjustments that benefit the whole family

And if you want to help your child:

  • Feel good about him or herself and have a healthy self esteem
  • Learn a healthy mindset with food
  • Feel satisfied with a decrease in cravings and quantity of food consumed
  • Not feel deprived or singled out in the family
  • Maintain balanced energy and mood