10 Tips to Create Healthier Eating Patterns for Your Kids & Teens

Plus, I'll send you periodic tips and support for balanced family nutrition.

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Imagine someone who has the knowledge to provide you with a step-by-step approach to help you get clear, confident, and focused on raising healthy kids and teens. As a registered dietitian nutritionist who has helped hundreds of families, I know how to help children, teens, and parents make small and targeted shifts in nutrition that will transform the quality of their lives. You need someone who is experienced, intuitive, and attentive, Someone who serves as a trusted expert, and who can take the stress and uncertainty out of health, nutrition, and feeding your family.

I understand that you’re not looking for a standardized plan. You want a nutrition approach that’s designed specifically with your family and their needs in mind. I’ve been described by my previous clients as “a tremendous resource,” “a non-judgmental listener,” “a professional who truly cares,” and best of all, that I get you “out of the overwhelming minutiae and into action with a step-by-step, results-driven approach.”


Here are the most common health concerns that often stand between your
child or teen and a healthy lifestyle. If you have a health concern not listed,
please call me so that we can personally discuss your concerns.



Specifically, I can help with:

  1. Weight concerns
  2. Overeating
  3. Under eating
  4. Disordered eating
  5. Healthy growth
  6. Digestive challenges
  7. Food sensitivities
  8. Sugar cravings
  9. Low energy
  10. Elevated blood sugars
  11. Elevated cholesterol
  12. Fatty liver
  13. Picky eaters
  14. Multiple kids, multiple needs
  15. ADHD
  16. Parent education in feeding toddler
  17. Pregnancy
  18. Vegetarian / Veganism

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    I offer support for individual members of your family or for yourself.

    In all cases, I tailor everything to your specific needs. These sessions can be done in person or virtually.

    The Initial Session – 90 Minutes

    If you are ready to improve the nutrition and health of your child or teen, I want to personally work with you and your family. I will show you easy, proven solutions to your concerns and share my strategies that have helped hundreds of families. In our initial session, we will discuss your health concerns. I want to understand your child’s life around food. From this I will begin to help you make the necessary shifts through education and discussion. I will also help you create a detailed plan for healthy change. You may likely need a follow up session to further detail out the customized plan, educate and assist you in order to reach your specific goals.

    Three’s A Charm – 3 Session Plan

    Making that nutrition and lifestyle shift takes support and time to listen and educate. Just as your child or teen needs a coach to excel at their sport or hobby, often you and your child needs support and guidance to make the healthy shift you so desire.


    The 3 session package allows us to dive deeper and have a chance to shift habits and mindset for improved health. This support is designed to take the burden off of you and give you the solution you and your kids need. In addition to the initial session, we have more time to discuss how to change habits, new food and recipe ideas, shopping and cooking tips, meal and snack options, mindful eating, and parent-child communication tips. You will begin to gain a deeper understanding of how to nourish for long term health.


    6 Session Plan for Lasting Health

    I’ve worked with hundreds of families and spent years figuring out what works and what doesn’t work to help you improve your family’s health. After the initial momentum of the first 3 sessions, let’s go to the next level to help you and your child or teen stay the course, feel inspired and create lasting great health. In this program, you will receive 3 additional personalized sessions over an additional 60 day period. Why is this important? I know you need time to implement the recommendations provided and you need continued support along the way. In my experience of working with the healthcare team at the California Center for Healthy Living, we found that this continuity of care is what made the difference between good ideas not fully implemented and lasting results that decrease your stress and inspire long-lasting results.

    Our extended time together gives you an opportunity to solidify important lifestyle changes by addressing them in real life situations, whether it is time to explore more meal and snack options to keep the kids from getting bored, meal planning and preparation support, shifting communication and parenting around food and feeding, addressing challenges that arise through life events, shifting family dynamics around food, challenges with school meals, falling back into old eating patterns, breaking emotional eating habits, or anything else specific to you. My goal is to help you raise healthy competent eaters so they can have a lifetime of good health.
    In addition to our sessions together, you will receive my personal cell phone to call with any questions you may have. You can also schedule short phone check-ins in between sessions when you need it most. You will also have access to my recipe catalog full of great recipes that I have collected over many years.

    A La Carte Options –

    Follow Up Session

    • I am not only here to support your child or teen, I am also here to support you. Changes take time and education and lifestyle shifts happen gradually. I am here to help you see the process through.



    • I understand that office visits can be intimidating. That’s why I will come to you. A relaxed and familiar environment can make it much easier to open a conversation with an often sensitive topic between you and your kids.


    • Bring nutrition to life with a hands on nutrition education cooking class in your home with your child or teen. Connecting through cooking and education brings nutrition to life and inspires great results.


    • With so many options at your local supermarket, knowing what to look for in tasty and nourishing foods can feel challenging. Let me take you shopping on a 90 minutes supermarket tour. I will also equip you with a checklist and meal planning sheet that can help you preplan and make grocery shopping easier.



    • As a former hands-on culinary instructor, I have special passion for teaching the enjoyment of cooking nourishing and flavorful food. I’ll come to your home to provide an easy-to-follow cooking lesson. Together we will create meal and snack options your family will love. I will equip you with techniques and recipes! And if your teens are open to learn a thing or two about cooking, I’d love to have them involved.



    • You live out of town or your schedule is full, making it challenging to meet in person. No problem. I’m available to connect by Skype or phone.

    10 Tips to Create Healthier Eating Patterns for Your Kids & Teens

    Plus, I'll send you periodic tips and support for balanced family nutrition.

    Send My 10 Tips